Het Zuidelijk Toneel creates theatre. Artistic director Piet Menu and a diverse group of theater makers from the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) have built an open, engaging and multifaceted theater company. The best makers under one roof. Het Zuidelijk Toneel and its makers are bound by an inherent drive to enter into dialogue with the audience. Challenging, evocative. Our work takes place in the real world, and the real world is part of our art making process. Our central theme: connection to The Other and how we see ourselves within that reflection. HZT has been based in Tilburg since 2010. Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a national theatre company with a focus on the Brabant Region of the Netherlands.

Meet the Millennials

In theatrical lecture performance Meet the Millenials creator Lucas De Man (NL/BE) takes you on a fascinating trip: lightning fast you travel through six megacities in Asia. During the performance you meet a contemporary generation of hope in Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The dedicated millennials, of both Europe and Asia, share the futuristic challenges of a rapidly changing and sometimes terrifying world.

De Man in Europe

Assaults on European territory, closing borders and refugees stuffed in trains. There is a pressure on European society that we cannot deny anymore. The developments that our continent is dealing with, are at the base of De Man in Europe. For this solo-performance Lucas De Man travelled through Europe, visiting 17 cities in 8 countries and conducting interviews with more than 20 creators that are rooting for change and are all working on remodeling the society that they live in. Back here in the Netherlands, Lucas takes you with him on his journey and through Europe’s history. In the press: “Lucas De Man grabs his audience in a passionate way.” ★★★★ de Volkskrant “De Man is a charming theatre personality with an opinionated view, who effortlessly guides his audience through philosophical or scientific, sometimes very complex, discourses.” Trouw “Very rarely does a show cause such insight into current affairs.” Cultuurpers


A filmic portrait about two people, living in a ghost town. A story about solitude and survival, the results of a failed atomic experiment. 1986. About 90 towns and villages around Pripyat are evacuated. The failure of an atomic experiment causes a drastic change in the lives of the locals. They leave their houses never to return. Pétro and Nadia, a married couple of 60-year-olds who were born and raised in Zvizdal, refuse to be evacuated. They prefer to stay put in their old village, in their own house. A ghost town. All their acquaintances have left, their plundered houses bear witness to better days. Petrified places, overgrown by nature.

Yellow Banana

Voted #1 Attraction. Take a jaw-dropping journey across the continent and celebrate the 250 million years anniversary of the Eurasian Plate.


Samuel Beckett – poet, writer, winner of the Nobel Prize – was not optimistic about men’s fate. Multi-artist Kris Verdonck explores Beckett’s ideas on mankind – mankind on the edge of extinction – with a mix of theatre, video-art and science.


For the digital edition of teh Holland Festival 2.0 2.0 BOG. & Het Zui8delijk Toneel will hold a short talkshow about language. Follow everything live on June 20th via www.hollandfestival.nl